Dr. Sriharsha Ravuri


IVF Specialist


Dr.Sri Harsha Ravuri comes with an impeccable academic record and clinical experience in Obstetrics and Gynaecological surgery. She majored in reproductive medicine under guidance and mentorship of Dr.Mirudhubashini Govindarajan at a renowned Women’s Center Coimbatore. Later she honoured her skills in Laparoscopy under Dr.Ramesh of Ramesh Hospitals, Bengaluru. Her credentials also include fellowship in fetal ultrasound, tenure as Asst Professor at NRI Medical College and has a professional experience of managing high-risk pregnancy and surgeries. She then completed her fellowship in Infertility and Reproductive Medicine from Dr.MGR University, Tamilnadu.

Dr.Sri Harsha Ravuri specializes in Infertility, she has been a consultant doctor in Help Hospital Guntur and started a unit for Infertility as Birth Help. She received prizes for various paper presentations in All India Medical Conferences While excelling in surgery she is also expanding her repertoire in diagnosis and treatment of infertility. Her impeccable surgical skills, the constant quest for knowledge and unparalleled commitment bring a host of advantage to the patients. Her practice focuses on delivering expert care in a sensitive and comforting environment where positive long-lasting relationships are created.


  • IMA

Clinical Training and Experience

  • Fellowship in Reproductive medicine from Women’s Center, Coimbatore under Dr. Mirudubhashini for 2 years
  • Fellow in ultrasound from Abhishek Scan Center, Hyderabad under Dr. T.L.N Praveen
  • Trained in laparoscopy under Dr. Ramesh at Rameshhospitals, Bangalore.
  • Qualified as an Obstetrics and Gynaecology surgeon from Assam Medical College with training during 3 years of resident post-graduate in a tertiary referral center with an Indoor gynecology strength of 100 patients.

Teaching Experience and Academic Activities

  • Worked as an assistant professor in NRI Medical College, where she managed high-risk pregnancies, Gynaecology cases and participated in academic activities.
  • Worked as a resident specialist at government area hospital Sattenpalli where she gained vast experience in dealing with high-risk pregnancies and surgeries.

Educational Achievements

  • Received gold medal for highest marks in final exams in MBBS Part 1
  • Received gold medal in SPM
  • The distinction in Forensic Medicine, Ophthalmology, ENT, General Surgery.


  • Presentation in IFSS international conference 2016 on “RECEPTOR
  • Polymorphisms – “A Pharmacogenetic Approach To Controlled Ovarian Stimulation”
  • Presentation in ACE International conference 2017 on “Association of Low Dose Aspirin with Subchronic Hemorrhage in Early Pregnancy in Infertility Patients”
  • Presented paper at state conference 2011 on “Attitude and Practices of Female Gynaecologists towards Cancer Cervix Screening”
  • Thesis: “Screening of Begnign Cervical Lesions with PAP Smear and Colposcopy Guided Biopsy and Cryotherapy for Benign Cervical Lesions

 Doctor Vision

I believe in determined hard work and setting the highest of standards. I value self – satisfaction more than admiration and believe that putting positive efforts is more important than achieving success. I have the ability and interpersonal skills to get along well with patient and colleagues. I believe in teamwork and can concentrate on the quality of care in the most trying condition without compromising precision and competence. I consider myself mature, hardworking, sincere, committed, ambitious and responsible individual with strong moral and ethical values instilled in me by my parents. I am fascinated with new technologies and would always love to update my knowledge in the field of medicine and research.

Patient Reviews

"Good hospital and they are treating very careful and doctors are discussing with patients very good in guntur I preferred Shri hospital is the number one"

Jane Doe – Dev Lead, Divi Corner

"Doctors are eaily approchable, they are good in explaining the situation clearly. Suport staff are also punctual, take cares about everything well in time. Nurses visits patients every one hour. Totally I am happy about the treatment I got."

Vijay Mahi

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