gynaecology & ivf

At SHRI our goal is to be partners in your care, SHRI  is the new leader in the treatment of infertility and we strive to make each patient comfortable from the moment they walk through our doors.


SHRI is equipped with ideal IVF laboratory with class 10000 standards by building a modular clean room with air handling unit with a combination of PUF panels HEPA filters and high efficiency HVAC air systems that control air temperature and particulate matter as well as filters harmful volatile organic compounds (VOC). Fertility treatment can be emotionally and physically stressful, but it can also open up a world of options and can bring new hope to many who are struggling to conceive.

SHRI’s expert team of embryologists and clinicians work to assure that fertilization development and the sterile nation of embryos for transfer will be performed at the highest level of professional excellence with individualized and patient-friendly protocols.

Our Center is equipped with latest ART technology and equipment including low oxygen- Trigas incubator for a stable environment for blastocyst culture, better implantation and live birth rates Employing state of the art, in a newly configured lab, our embryologists employ laser-based mico manipulation for assisted hatching and embryo biopsy.

We are the only local IVF Clinic that provides this technology which helps for PGT (pre-implantation genetic testing) in cases of recurrent pregnancy loss, carriers of genetic diseases, recurrent implantation failure and advanced age.

We also perform in vitro maturation- retrieving of immature oocytes from antral follicles of unstimulated or minimally stimulated ovaries and subject them to in vitro maturation which is beneficial to women with PCOS to avoid hyperstimulation, and in women recovering from carcinoma who cannot undergo hormonal stimulation and donor oocyte program as it is cost- effective.

Male Infertility and Sexual health problems are on the rise! affect over 50% of couples. At Birth Help, our andrology team has focussed on these issues and offer advanced male infertility treatments including surgical retrieval(including MESA/TESA/TESE) along with medical treatments. Contrary to popular thoughts, treatments for sexual health issues are cost-effective here.

Research consistently shows that our lifestyle or environment has profound effects on health disease. Fertility is no exception. Obesity is linked with lower sperm count and quality in men. Among obese women who have PCOS, losing 5% of body weight greatly improves the likelihood of pregnancy. Our counseling team which includes nutritionist focuses on these aspects and helps infertile couples.

We also offer services like surrogacy and cryopreservation of gametes and embryos. Our vitrification protocols are extremely meticulous and thanks to the latest advancement in the field which give 99.9% thawing rates for embryos, oocytes, and sperms. Above all, we have ongoing Quality control (QC) and Quality Assurance Programs (Q) in conjunction with the audit system which is continuously maintained and reviewed to ensure competence, compliance of all procedures. Thanks to our stand operative protocols.

We are committed to the pursuit of excellence in our services and help you build your family… we look forward to interacting with you regularly with our informative newsletters…

Dr. Nelluri Bharathi

Obstretics & Gynaecologist

M.S. (OBG) Manipal

Dr. Sriharsha

IVF Specialist