For the first time in Andhra Pradesh, with Advanced Critical care unit .

For the First time in Andhra Pradesh, critical care unit at SHRI is equipped with the most modern air handling system to control infection. SHRI has dedicated critical care cubicles with controlled air pressure management system for patients requiring isolation and high end critical care. SHRI has round the clock critical care specialists supported by all super specialities under one roof

The Critical Care Unit is comprised of 20 beds that allow for treatment of patients with life threatening injuries and illnesses. Care is provided by a multidisciplinary team approach with a focus on high quality patient centered care. The unit is supplied with state of the art equipment that promotes high standards of infection control.

Critical Care Unit is managed round the clock by dedicated and skilled nurses, resident doctors, and clinical consultants. Specially trained ICU staff ensures that all patients get the best medical care in a comfortable and cordial environment. All ICUs are well-equipped with the most advanced technologies to treat patients suffering from a dysfunction of vital organs caused by acute conditions like infections, heart attack, stroke, renal failure, trauma, poisoning, drug overdose, and burns etc.

SHRI also stands for Sepsis Handling Research Institute. under the guidance of Dr. Kalyan Chakravarthy. Critical care team at SHRI could successfully treat swine flu patients, Sepsis patients with multi organ failure. For the first time in Andhra Pradesh, we have used multiplex PCR technique to detect multi drug resistance very early and saved patients.